The Managr

One stop holistic solution for programs from fund utilization to project management.

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Project Management becomes easy & inclusive

Building strength to strength. Developed under the Connecting for Good initiative by Vodafone India Foundation with support from NASSCOM Foundation

A project Management tool for Not for Profits

An innovative technological solution for all round Project management

Levaraging technology to enhance performance of NGOs.

Grant request management.

Proposal evaluation, budget mapping, audit trails, maintenance.

The Managr.

Complete lifecycle management of donation right from point of entry.

Project management.

Administer any requests and NGO projects efficiently by using current technology.

Reporting management

Dynamic reporting of finance utilization for every social activity in the NGO.

Digitizing Social Transformation in India

Aiming at reshaping India to achieve inclusive affiliation, NASSCOM Foundation enables corporate social responsibility activities

Understanding the evolvement in technology and depth in digitization

NASSCOM Foundation brings technology to reach social innovation in the society

Key Highlights

  • Complete Project management tool

    End to end program management from grants received to delievrables achieved.

  • Customizations as per organization's needs

    Cloud safe and secure data storage with easy access.

  • Cloud based multi-tenancy

    Easily scalable platform hosted on a cloud based multi-tenancy that is integrated with SAP and Tally.

  • Dynamic reporting dashboards for all reporting levels

    Mitigate sustainability risks across the program management cycle.


Why The Managr?

This Project Management tool entails a holistic approach at keeping track of all the variables. This involves managing the utilization of grants, distribution of activities, Monitoring of tasks in a timely manner, personalized dashboards for users.

Let's break down some of the most important reasons why donation management is necessary.

  • Technology to drive management of projects

    A holistic approach to program management.

  • Data is information, information is insight.

    All of this data can help you grow your donation base and, as a result, expand your programming.

  • Personalized information for all hierarchical levels of the organization.

    Informed decisions for organizations based on data analysis.


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