There are foreground differentiators that makes NGOs operate productively

Following are those key highlights of NAASCOM’s The Managr platforms that make an NGO high yield.

Features you can't miss

  • End to end activities

    The platform manages end to end activities that are involved in the donation and project management life cycle.

  • Hierarchy management and security

    Based on different roles and permissions, the securities of data access permissions are mapped.

  • Cloud based multi-tenancy

    The platform is easily scalable as it is hosted on a cloud based multi-tenancy that is integrated with SAP and Tally.

  • Dynamic reporting dashboards

    These charts are constructive to look upon and analyze the work that is completed in a given time and for the planned budget.

  • Audit trails

    With NGO activities, it is preferred to conduct audit trails to ensure the project is compliant.

  • Automatic alerts and push notifications

    Offer automatic alerts and push notifications to gain maximum outreach of social activities to the society..

  • Easy access

    Supports management and easy access of NGO documentation with advanced search capabilities. The platform also allows to bulk import and export data and saves time.

  • Geo tracking and validation

    Adheres to geo boundaries by facilitating activities to be completed that are specific to geographical locations within the permitted boundaries. Hence Geo tracking and validation feature are embedded within the platform management for tractable operation of the NGOs..

  • Escalation matrices

    To ensure service level agreements and quality services delivery, proper channel of escalation matrices is in place. The platform enables to configure alerts and time intervals during which appropriate management hierarchy is notified.


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