NASSCOM Foundation-Achieving Social Transformation in India.

Aiming at reshaping India to achieve inclusive affiliation, NASSCOM Foundation enables corporate social responsibility activities. Understanding the evolvement in technology and depth in digitization, NASSCOM Foundation brings technology to reach social innovation in the society. With great ideas in mind, NASSCOM announces sustainable development goals to transform the world.

Let's break down some of the most important reasons why donation management is necessary.

  • Donation Methods Are Changing & Expanding

    As donors continue to diversify the ways they choose to give, the need for a comprehensive system to organize these various avenues grows.

  • Donation Data Is Necessary For Growth.

    All of this data can help you grow your donation base and, as a result, expand your programming.

  • Management Leads to Retention.

    Data is helpful in the short-term, but it also aids in your long-term donor retention efforts.


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